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Table 3 Feedback of the evaluation cycles

From: Learnings from the design and acceptance of the German COVID-19 tracing app for IS-driven crisis management: a design science research

Evaluation cycle Feedback
X   X More user involvement
X    Cross-border functionality within Europe
X    Participation in events should be possible, and the user should receive notifications
X X   There must be a solution for people with older smartphone models
X   X Connecting labs for all test results
X    More content information to lower data security concerns
X X   At-work mode (e.g., for highly virus-protected health staff)
  X X General health application (e.g., gathering vital data, such as pulse, etc.)
  X   Vaccination integration
  X   Push notification for crowd sensitivity and mask obligation
  X   Create awareness for diseases
X X X Overview about local coronavirus regulations
X X X Overview about global coronavirus situation (e.g., infections)
   X Capacity and utilization of test center
X   X Details about risk contacts (also in graphical representation)
   X Details about the meaning from when a risk contact has been hit
   X Symptom tracking must have pre-formulated the most common symptoms and the degree of intensity
   X Settings page in CWA: user must control the degree of data sharing