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Table 2 Synopsis of derived features, clustered in Scrum-like epics and user stories

From: Learnings from the design and acceptance of the German COVID-19 tracing app for IS-driven crisis management: a design science research

Epic Example user story (as a user) Functional requirement Source
Content management I want to see information about the local spread of the virus inside the app Information on the regional infection situation [16, 28, 43, 44]; E5, our first survey results
Content management I want to have some basic information about contact with an infected person, as far as location and time are concerned Information about contact cased [29], our first survey results
Content management I want to be able to learn the current best practice behavior inside the app Education and health literacy Pritlove and Mayer ([43]; E1)
Cluster and event recognition I want to document my participation at an event (with given privacy) Crowd and event notification [37, 42, 43, 48]
Cluster and event recognition I want to know upfront when I enter a crowd and post when I have been in a potential cluster Cluster recognition [28, 29]
Cluster and event recognition I want to be warned in situations with many people Crowd sensitivity Kriehn ([29]; E7)
COVID-19 test result report After quarantine, I want to clean up my positive test result Clean up test results after infection Our first survey results
Diary I want to document my symptoms inside the app and report them Tracking of own symptoms Köver and Beckedahl ([28]; E6)
Diary I want to do a daily write-up of all situations of the day, in which I was close or even too close to other people Contact diary [13, 29]
Regular use I want to configure what happens in an automated detected or manual parametrized at-work mode At-work mode Kriehn ([29]; E5)
User experience I want to have a reason to use/open the app (e.g., daily) Gamification Pritlove and Mayer [43]
User experience I want the app to better display what data is being used and how it is being collected. This would greatly increase awareness of when data is being sent Privacy concerns Our first survey results
Vaccination I would like to get vaccinated and document the vaccination date and location Vaccination (E4)
Back end
COVID-19 test result report I want to receive my test result via the app, regardless of where I took the test Connecting labs Köver and Beckedahl [28]; our first survey results)
Regular use I want the app to update more often Update more regularly Our first survey results
Parameterization I want to understand the risk calculation of the app to estimate my risk status Ongoing modification of risk score calculation [58]
Parameterization I want the app to distinguish between indoor and outdoor contact situations Indoor versus outdoor Pritlove and Mayer [43]
Accessibility I want to use the app when abroad, and I want foreign visitors to use their local app with a connection to the same warning server Cross-border functionality within Europe Whitelaw et al. [57], E1, our first survey results
Accessibility Users with an old/no smartphone: I also want to participate in the CWA approach Compatibility with older smartphone/offering separate technologies [3, 28], [12]; E4