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Table 3 Head MRI model error analysis

From: Development and web deployment of an automated neuroradiology MRI protocoling tool with natural language processing

Positiona Correct protocol Predicted protocol
(confidence score)
Raw clinical history Radiologist assessment
1 IAC Routine Brain
MRI to rule out any CPA/retrocochlear masses that might be causing her vestibular symptoms and hearing loss. per EN: MRI to rule out any CPA/retrocochlear masses that might be causing her vestibular symptoms and hearing loss True error
3 TMJ Routine Brain
Does this patient have TMJ arthritis and/oe anterior disc displacement w/o reduction. Consistent TMJ pain not resolved by massage, NSAIDS or muscle relaxants. Feels like something is blocking her mouth when she opens. Pain is extreme True error
5 ContrastBrain Routine Brain
interval assessment for Multiple sclerosis. follow up MRI in next 1–2 months Contrast preferred, Routine may be ok
7 Orbits Routine Brain
Optic nerve pallor. Likely longstanding optic nerve pallor with visual field defect. R/o tumor or compression True error
9 ContrastBrain Routine Brain
f/u glioblastoma multiforme. GBM, s/p surgery, RT, on chemo; ?progression on last MRI—reviewed at FACILITY Neuro Onc—rec 2 month f/u as pt clinically stable True error
11 Contrast Brain Routine Brain
CNS lymphoma. AGE M with HIV and relapsed primary CNS lymphoma receiving WBRT will complete on DATE. Needs post-radiation scan True error
13 Face Routine Brain
r/o facial nerve abnl. this AGE woman has Turner's syndrome and has now had N recurrent episodes of "Bell's palsy" sequentially involving both sides of her face. query compression in facial canals vs other base of skull abnl involving her facial nerves bilaterally patient also experienced tongue and perioral numbness (not clearly just loss of taste) so evaluation of course of bilat V3 also appreciated True Errorl
15 IAC Routine Brain
Request MRI IAC protocol to eval new unilateral tinnitus; patient has symmetric SNHL, though subjectively worse on left. New unilateral (left) tinnitus over last six months; also with symmetric SNHL on audio (including symmetric word recognition scores), however hearing is subjectively worse on left True error
17 Routine Brain Contrast Brain
thinking changes and new headache True error
19 f Contrast Brain
Evaluate for structural etiology of HA. AGE woman with severe migraines precipitated by aura of left arm numbness, then with pounding right-sided HA and nausea. Previously evaluated by Neuro, had normal brain CT and recommended advancing imaging if severe HA returns. Symptoms returned periodically since once month ago, requesting MRI for further evaluation of structural cause True error
  1. aThe position refers to the ordered rank when all 23 incorrectly predicted head MRI protocols are ordered from most incorrect (high confidence) to least incorrect (low confidence)