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Table 2 Spine MRI model error analysis

From: Development and web deployment of an automated neuroradiology MRI protocoling tool with natural language processing

Positiona Correct protocol Predicted protocol
(confidence score)
Raw clinical history Radiologist assessment
2 Contrast Routine
AGE female with right lumbar radiculopathy Not an error
46 Contrast Routine
AGE female with lower back pain and right hip and leg radiculopathy. High risk breast cancer patient True error
81 Contrast Routine
Left sided sciatica. History of prostate cancer True error
128 Contrast Routine
AGE female patient with personal history of breast cancer with foot tingling True error
168 Contrast Routine
Status post abdominal wall explantation with history of multiple epidural anesthesia attempts. Now with headache and back pain Can be either routine or contrast
3 Routine Contrast
Status post resection of cerebellopontine angle mass Not an error
47 Routine Contrast
Coincident traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in DATE True error
82 Routine Contrast
Evaluation for recurrent herniation at L4-L5 history of L4-L5 discectomy on DATE Can be either routine or contrast
129 Routine Contrast
Status post L2-S1 posterior spinal fusion completed by hardware infection admitted for surgery Not an error
167 Routine Contrast
Status post thoracic fusion and removal of hardware. Patient complains of severe mid thoracic pain and radiation to the front. Please evaluate for thoracic cord impingement or nerve root impingement Can be either routine or contrast
  1. aThe position refers to the ordered rank when all 178 incorrectly predicted spine MRI protocols are ordered from most incorrect (high confidence score) to least incorrect (low confidence score)