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Table 4 Suggestions from pathologists’ perspective to improve telepathology implementation in hospitals

From: Evaluating the success of the tele-pathology system in governmental hospitals in Kuwait: an explanatory sequential mixed methods design

Suggestion (1) The best way to practise pathology remotely is via computer systems, and smart technology applications can play a significant role in practising pathology on the go. A notification service could alert users via email, SMS, or other massaging services such as WhatsApp when new cases are received
Suggestion (2) Integrating the telepathology system with LISs and HISs would improve the storage capacity of the system and the sharing of information between hospitals. A senior pathologist reported: “Recently, we asked for hard drive expansion to provide more storage capacity for our Aperio
Suggestion (3) It is very important to consider ergonomic factors to make the environment suitable for the user to use the technology, such as location, lighting, workflow, etc
Suggestion (4) Awareness sessions are required alongside hands-on training courses to show the usefulness of the telepathology system in practice
Suggestion (5) Giving the pathologists the authority to access Aperio from their homes would allow them to receive more of telepathology’s benefits