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Table 2 Opportunities for medical scribes

From: The future of medical scribes documenting in the electronic health record: results of an expert consensus conference

Opportunities for the medical scribe industry
Type of opportunity Summarization Example
Allow scribes to document more Having scribes be able to do more documentation, including updating note templates and collecting data more discreetly Teaching providers how to improve documentation
Informatician role Have scribes have more of an information management role Scribes could do order entry and medication reconciliation
Extend role to include workflow analysis Scribes work very closely with the providers and could provide insight for the organization on how providers could write more efficient notes Having scribes team up with workflow specialists to help providers figure out a way to write a better note
Improving clinical team cohesion Some mentioned it would be great if the scribe could be more a part of the health care team as a whole Having the scribes being able to assist patients on/off the bed, handing the patient the AVS, showing the patient out of room
Other models of scribing Using other models of scribing would move things away from the pre-professional model but could create longer lasting scribing roles Using MAs/RNs/LPNs or telescribing model