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Table 1 Principal input and output parameters extracted from the HER of diabetic patients with heart insufficiency, according to the parameters contained in the original database

From: Medical recommender systems based on continuous-valued logic and multi-criteria decision operators, using interpretable neural networks

Input/output Variable Kind of parameter
ID Character
V1 Sex Binary
V2 Age Real value
V3 Creatinine_phosphokinase Real value
V4 Ejection_fraction Real value
V5 High blood pressure Binary
V6 Platelets Real value
V7 Serum_creatinine Real value
V8 Serum_sodium Real value
V9 Smoking Binary
V10 Anemia Binary
O1 Time (feedback period) Real value
O2 Treatment key TK (AEC, Aspirin or Beta Blocker – depending on heart failure group) Binary