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Table 2 User-testing findings of barriers and issues and solutions to inform iterations of the encounter decision aids

From: Decision aids linked to evidence summaries and clinical practice guidelines: results from user-testing in clinical encounters

  Barriers and issues discovered during the user testing Changes in the subsequent iterations
Accessibility Lack of contrast in text and pictographs
Scrolling was needed to see all content when tablet was vertical
Wi-Fi issues in hospitals
Enhanced contrasts, changed colours
Scrolling removed
Created off-line version and print version
Usability Suggestion of a top layer to ease the introduction to the tool
Difficulty coming up with language to use the tool
Suggestion to combine the tool with information provided to patient before encounter
Suggestion to have the possibility to change the denominator in the icons (and possibly in the numbers)
Supportive sentence “What aspect would you like to discuss next? Choose and compare” outcomes to raise choice awareness
Possibility to change data entry and display directly in MAGICapp feeding in the interactive decision aid content
Understandability Concept of certainty
Medical abbreviations difficult to understand
Generic drugs names confusing
Main reason for uncertainty made available one click away
Names and descriptions of outcomes can be edited
Usefulness Great variability in the perception of the appropriate amount of information, in particular the number and order of outcomes
Useful to have something to bring home
Suggestion of a feature that could compare several options
Number of outcomes and their order can be selected independently of underlying evidence profile
Print version developed
Multiple comparisons prototype in development
Identification The patient’s risk might be different from what is shown in the tool Highlight during demonstration and in quick educational modules that this is encounter decision aid to be used together with a clinician, who can adapt content to each patient, highlighting potential similarities or differences
Credibility Different colour of outcome card for practical issues could lead to selection bias Specific design developed to display practical issues and navigate across them [12]
Findability Clinician needed more information on evidence behind estimates in decision aids Integration with MAGICapp with decision aids directly linked to GRADE evidence summaries