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Table 7 Availability of key essential drugs in health centers of Dessie town, 2019 (N = 13)

From: Drug use pattern using WHO core drug use indicators in public health centers of Dessie, North-East Ethiopia

Key essential medicines SGHC DHC BWHC
Oral rehydration salt
Sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim tablet
Paracetamol tablet
Procaine penicillin injection
Chloroquine tablet
Ferrous salt + folic acid tablet
Mebendazole tablet
Tetracycline eye ointment
Gentian violate
Benzoic acid + salicylic acid ointment
Acetyl salicylic acid tablet
Vitamin A
Percentage of essential drugs availability 61.54 69.23 61.54
WHO standard 100%
  1. SGHC, Segno Gebeya Health Center; DHC, Dessie Health Center; BWHC, Buanbua Wuha Health Center