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Table 3 Features description

From: A novel approach for heart disease prediction using strength scores with significant predictors

No Features Description Data Type
1 Age Age in year Numeric
2 Sex Gender Nominal
3 CP Chest pain type Nominal
4 Trestbps Resting blood pressure Numeric
5 Chol Serum cholesterol Numeric
6 Fbs Fasting blood sugar Nominal
7 Resteg Resting electrographic results Nominal
8 Talach Maximum heart rate achieved Numeric
9 Exang Exercise induce angina Nominal
10 Oldpeak ST depression induced by exercise relative to rest Numeric
11 Slope The slope of the peak exercise ST segment Nominal
12 CA Number of major vessels coloured by fluoroscopy Numeric
13 Thal Thallium heart scan Nominal
14 Goal Diagnosis of heart disease Nominal