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Table 1 Variables and values that were included in the models

From: Bayesian network models with decision tree analysis for management of childhood malaria in Malawi

Variable Values
Target variable  
Malaria Present
Predictor variable  
Age Less than 2 months
  2–12 months
  13–24 months
  25–60 months
  Over 60 months
Duration of illness Less than or equal to 2 days
  3–15 days
  16–30 days
  Over 30 days
Conscious Yes
Anemia Present, Absent, Unknown
Convulsions Present, Absent, Unknown
Cough or difficulty breathing (CDB) Present, Absent, Unknown
Diarrhea  Present, Absent, Unknown
History of fever  Present, Absent, Unknown
Fever (temperature > 37.5 °C)  Present, Absent, Unknown
Lethargy Present, Absent, Unknown 
Malnutrition  Present, Absent, Unknown
Unable to feed  Present, Absent, Unknown
Vomiting  Present, Absent, Unknown