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Table 2 Column headings used to aggregate files

From: Use of electronic pharmacy transaction data and website development to assess antibiotic use in nursing homes

Final column name Original Column Name(s) Description of data elements
Facility name Facility name 82 distinct expressions for names of nursing homes
Medication Drug name, medication name, agent, description 13,549 distinct medications
Dose Dose, quantity, qty Quantities in grams or milligrams for oral medications and in gm/mL for intravenous medications
Days supply Days supply, days of supply, days dispensed Ranged from 0 to 946 days
Prescription number Prescription number, Rx 938,007 distinct numbers
Transaction date Transaction date Ranged from 9/23/2007 to 6/25/2018
Amount Amount Ranged from $0 to $15,000.08
Route of administration Route of administration, inventory category 40 distinct expressions
Physician Physician 7971 distinct physicians
Health care payor Payor, pay type description 13 distinct descriptions reflecting the entity, typically an insurance company, that ultimately pays for the medication, listed as general categories of Medicare, Medicaid, the nursing home, Veterans Affairs, hospice, and private parties
National drug code NDC National Drug Code, 7% missingness, 9885 distinct codes. Ultimately, not used in data analysis