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Table 3 Matching custom hospital codes with CPT4 for standardization

From: One country's journey to interoperability: Tanzania's experience developing and implementing a national health information exchange

Custom codes used in Hospital A Custom codes used in Hospital B CPT code CPT description CPT category
LAB13 3042 82945 Glucose (sugar) level on body fluid (CSF,ASCITIC, PERITONIAL,PLEURAL) 5
LAB15 2774 82947 Fasting Blood glucose (sugar) level (FBG) (Blood glucose by strips) 5
LAB21 NA 82951 Blood glucose (sugar) tolerance test (glucose tolerant test-GTT) 5
LAB20 706 82977 Glutamyl transferase (liver enzyme) level (GGT) 5
LAB56 828 83001 Gonadotropin, follicle stimulating (reproductive hormone) level (FSH- FOLLICAL) 5