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Table 3 Details of modifications of indexes after first-round of consultation

From: Construction of an index system for evaluating the effectiveness of transitional care in kidney transplant recipients

  Original indexes Decision by the research group Revised indexes
1st level indexes Environmental domains Revised Social and Environmental Domains
  Psychosocial domains   Psychological Domains
2nd level indexes Not available Added Positive mental state
    Negative mental state
  Surrounding/work environment Deleted Not available
  Mental health   
  Cognitive function   
  Neuromusculoskeletal function   
  Sexual function   
  Medication Revised Medication adherence
  Regular monitoring   Regular follow-up and self-monitoring
3rd level indexes Not available Added Number of unscheduled readmissions after discharge from hospital
    I can tolerate and maintain a good attitude in the face of possible post-transplant problems
    Do you have a positive attitude about your current physical condition
    Be able to consult a professional before vaccination
    Follow up with your doctor and have a physical examination as required (every six months to a year, as required by your transplant surgeon)
  There are air disinfection machines that match the function of the living area and can disinfect the dwelling as required Deleted Not available
  Presence of high pollution levels in water or air (smelting, power and other industries nearby)   
  The presence of infectious substances in the work environment (such as dust, yeast, etc.)   
  Susceptible to fatigue   
  Urine nitrogen   
  Estimated glomerular filtration rate   
  Memory loss   
  Joint pain   
  Trembling hands   
  Difficulty concentrating   
  Sexual dysfunction   
  Women of child-bearing age know the issues related to fertility after transplantation   
  Knowing the importance of following medical advice on medication use   
  Insomnia Revised Sleep status
  Knowledge of precautionary measures for various infections   To know the precautions for lung infection and urinary tract infection