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Table 2 SLR protocol and results obtained from Scopus.

From: The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare: a structured literature review

Review protocol elements Authors’ consideration Results in terms of sources
What is already known?
Research topics
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a novel topic based on already known knowledge, which has several healthcare implications. Due to its continuous growth, there is the potential for a structured literature review (SLR) investigating how AI can contribute to healthcare implementation 5069 results
Journals’ and thematic limitations We have decided not to limit the research to an individual scientific journal because of the still young scope, as our analysis period. Therefore, our analysis is broad in terms of themes and period under investigation. It considers the following research streams:
accounting, business, and management;
decision sciences;
health professions
789 results
Other restrictive elements Authors selected only peer-reviewed articles and reviews, excluding conference proceedings, books and books chapters. Finally, only sources written in English are considered 288 results
Period of analysis January 2021 -