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Text Box 2 Working mothers and passive data collection

From: Passive sensing on mobile devices to improve mental health services with adolescent and young mothers in low-resource settings: the role of families in feasibility and acceptability

A non-depressed mother (23–25 years) was a small business owner of a shop in which she made toy dolls and trained others in this trade. She received assistance from her family to use the smartwatch. Her husband helped her charge the watch when the battery was low, reminded her to wear the watch, and put the beacon on the child (in the secured pouch). As she was busy with her business’s work, it was difficult for her to have enough free time for regular study team visits. So, she suggested recruiting housewives instead of employed mothers so that they could dedicate their time to the study. She completed the study, and we were able to collect 62.7% of audio and 54.1% of proximity data. (No GPS or activity data were recorded due to technical issues in the smartwatch.)