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Table 5 Results of interviewees using open-ended questions based on the most frequent answers (cut off at 10).

From: Patient triage system for supporting the operation of dispatch centres and rescue teams

Questions Group answers/most frequency Frequency of answers
1. What do you want from the Triagist application after the trial? Screen symptoms and alert medical services 40
Automatically require the services of EMS 35
Support medical emergency 28
Link information to an emergency area 22
Link to government system or sent data to an emergency center 11
2. What makes it difficult for you to manage an emergency
Difficult to assess the emergency from a phone call 33
Misunderstanding of cases reported by telephone 31
Difficult to obtain information from relatives and patients 28
Hard to track patient information (condition and primary report) 27
Hard to find the location of the patient from rescue information 26
Skills of emergency staff 22
System’s connection to emergency centre or rescue unit 15
Emergency policy 10
3. Have you any experience of smart technology in emergency medicine?
If so, what kind of system or procedure?
Radio/phone call 40
Hotline EMS 1669 36
Local emergency hotline service 33
Local hospital hotline service 25
Application of EMS 24
Line application 16
etc 10
4. What would be a good solution from the future services of a
Triagist mobile application?
A function that helps to triage patients for primary treatment 41
A function that connects to a hospital or provincial emergency centre 39
A function that navigates directly to the emergency location 32
A function to report the location 29
A function that automatically records treatment information and sends it to the emergency centre 28
A function that calls the emergency doctor 21
A function that links it to the EMS 13
etc 10