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Table 6 Top 10 drugs predicted to cause liver injury according to our model

From: Prediction of adverse drug reactions based on knowledge graph embedding

Drug Cause of Liver Injury According to Literature Study
Valganciclovir No Ganciclovir [35]
Reboxetine No literature
Argatroban No Levine et al. [36]
Tibolone Yes Macedo et al. [37]
Dextroamphetamine Yes Vanga et al. [38]
Trovafloxacin Yes Giustarin et al. [39]
Tamsulosin Yes Fremond et al. [20]
Iopromide Yes Bolado Concejo et al. [40]
Naltrexone Yes (long-term use) Zheng [21]
Frovatriptan No literature