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Table 5 Adverse drug reactions obtained from PubMed and probability of their occurrence according to our model

From: Prediction of adverse drug reactions based on knowledge graph embedding

Study Drug Adverse Drug Reaction Probability
Kuniyosh et al. [27] Atorvastatin (DB01076) Liver injury (C0160390) 0.955
Brehm et al. [28] Acetaminophen (DBDB00316) Acute liver injury (C2242583) 0.62
Moon et al. [29] Albendazole (DB00518) Liver injury (C0160390) 0.919
Kopecky et al. [30] Nivolumab (DB09035) Liver injury (C0160390) 0.854
Gisi et al. [31] Azathioprine (DB00993) Hepatitis cholestatic (C0149904) 0.958
Carretero et al. [32] Osimertinib (DB09330; one of the tyrosine-kinase inhibitors) Hepatotoxicity (C0235378) 0.797
Ota et al. [33] Crizotinib (DB08865) Liver injury (C0160390) 0.83
Kawaguchi et al. [18] Laninamivir octanoate (DB11888) Liver injury (C0160390) Drug not in KG
Kwan et al. [19] Pembrolizumab (DB09037) Hepatotoxicity (C0235378) Drug not in KG
Rajan et al. [34] Sevoflurane anaesthesia (DB01236) Hepatotoxicity (C0235378) 0.959
  1. KG, knowledge graph;
  2. The code in brackets after the drug is its Drugbank_ID;
  3. The code in brackets after the Adverse Drug Reaction is its UMLS ConceptID