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Table 5 Aspects included in decision-making other than report identified by qualitative content analysis

From: Use of a quantitative data report in a hypothetical decision scenario for health policymaking: a computer-assisted laboratory study

(Categories under this heading refer to other sources besides the data report which participants mentioned to have included in their decision-making)
Perspective taken
(These categories describe the perspective, from which participants reported aspects included in their decision-making)
Content of aspect
(These categories summarize the content of other aspects which participants reported to have included in their decision-making)
Preference or attitude
(e.g., general preference of home care)
(e.g., thoughts about opportunity costs for society which may result from informal care)
(e.g., quality of professional care is higher than informal care)
(e.g., knowledge aquired at university)
Nursing staff
(e.g.,thoughts about working conditions of nursing staff)
(e.g., nursing homes are full)
 in job environment
 (e.g., in nursing home)
 in private environment
 (e.g., from dependents)
Concerned persons
(in need of care and dependents)
(e.g., will of persons in need of care should be considered)
Relationship/domestic environment
(e.g., dependents give support and strength to person in need of care)
(e.g., dependents are overburdened with informal care)
(e.g., information obtained from the media)
(e.g., how one wants to act oneself in the future)
Reservations about nursing home
(e.g., persons in need of care receive insufficient care)