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Table 1 List of parameters used in the prediction model

From: Fetal birthweight prediction with measured data by a temporal machine learning method

  Predictors Notation Predictors Notation
Static predictors h Height (cm) w Initial Weight (kg)
a Age uh Uterine Height (cm)
acp Abdominal Circumference of pregnant women (cm) fl Femur Length (cm)
acf Abdominal Circumference of fetal (cm) bpd Biparietal Diameter (cm)
hc Head Circumference (cm) afi Amniotic Fluid Index (cm)
Time series predictors \(weight\_change_t\) Weight Change at \(20{\rm th}\), \(25{\rm th}\), \(30{\rm th}\), \(35{\rm th}\), \(37{\rm th}\) and \(38{\rm th}\) weeks)