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Table 1 Summary of the results

From: Perception of healthcare workers on mobile app-based clinical guideline for the detection and treatment of mental health problems in primary care: a qualitative study in Nepal

Themes Key findings
(1) Facilitating factors for using the app Availability of internet in most of the health facilities
Familiarity with smart phones and tablets
Experienced in using m-health apps
Experienced in online recording and reporting system
(2) Perceived benefits of using the app Guides and supports in diagnosis and treatment
Verifies health workers' diagnosis
Easily accessible
Brings standardization of diagnosis and management among all health workers and health facilities
Makes remote supervision possible
May increase patients’ trust in treatment
(3) Perceived barriers for using the app Lack of internet in some of the remote health facilities
Limited experience with digital technology among senior health workers
Limited use of typing feature by health workers in mobile phones
Concern that patients may doubt health workers’ skills and competencies
(4) Perceived risk factors of using the app May distract from the interaction with patient
Adds an extra task to enter the same information in the app as well as in patient register until government adapt online reporting system
May take more time to enter information, so may not be possible to use app during busy clinics
May make patients experiencing delusions more suspicious
Confidentiality of patients’ data
Less chance of using the app continuously when health workers becomes familiar with all aspect of the app
(5) Suggested features and functions in the app Suggestive diagnosis and treatment after entering the symptoms of a particular disorder
Minimal typing function
Inclusion of patient record system in the app
Send reminder messages to the patients about the follow-up appointments
Content in both English and Nepali languages
Short and simple sentences with large font size
Offline function
Inclusion of other relevant reference material (e.g. videos of psychosocial support, deep breathing exercise) in the app