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Table 1 PRRs and HPRRs to SDM among inpatients in tertiary hospitals in Shanghai

From: Association of shared decision making with inpatient satisfaction: a cross-sectional study

Aspects and items PRR (%) HPRRs (%)
Patients’ information preference 97.33 90.04
I should sufficiently understand the effects of the disease(s) that I have on my health 96.43 88.33
The physician should explain to me the purposes of the test(s) and/or examination(s) 98.07 90.95
I believe that getting information about the disease(s) is as important as getting information about the treatment 97.48 90.83
Patients’ active involvement in SDM 93.71 85.57
I asked my physician to explain the treatment alternatives and process in detail 91.78 83.92
I asked my physician to provide treatment recommendations to me 91.10 82.29
I described my disease symptoms to my physician in detail 98.26 90.50
Patients’ perceived encouragement from their physicians to achieve SDM 94.88 87.21
My physician provided me with detailed information about the disease(s) that I have 97.95 90.44
My physician explained to me the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions that I need to make 98.24 91.42
My physician informed me of different treatment alternatives 88.63 80.09
My physician asked me which treatment alternative I prefer 91.50 82.86
My physician and I reached a consensus on the subsequent treatment process 98.10 91.24
Informed consent 95.69 89.68
My physician explained the medical expenses of special medical care 93.78 87.81
My physician obtained informed consent from me for special medical care 97.60 91.54
Overall 95.30 87.86
  1. PRRs, positive response rates; HPRRs, high positive response rates; n = 2585