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Table 1 Example content of alignment

From: ECCParaCorp: a cross-lingual parallel corpus towards cancer education, dissemination and application

Topic Example of corpus alignment evalution
Aligned & Correct Bevacizumab can reasonably be added to either FOLFIRI or FOLFOX for patients undergoing first-line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer
贝伐单抗可以合理的加入FOLFIRI或FOLFOX化疗方案, 作为一线方案治疗转移性结直肠癌患者
Aligned & Partial Correct Weight was the strongest predictor, with a RR of 2.85 (95% CI, 1.81–4.49) for women weighing more than 82.2 kg, compared with those weighing less than 58.7 kg
体重是最显著的预测因素, 体重大于82.2kg的女性与体重低于58.6kg的女性相比, RR为2.85(95%CI, 1.81–4.49)
Aligned& Incorrect Because patients with SCLC tend to develop distant metastases, localized forms of treatment, such as surgical resection or radiation therapy, rarely produce long-term survival
生存时间延长的SCLC患者中多数是因为参与临床试验, 得到了最佳、最适合的治疗
Partial aligned The overall 5-year survival rates were 76 and 74% for preoperative and postoperative chemoradiation, respectively (P = .80)
术前放化疗组和术后放化疗组的5年总生存率分别为76%和74%(P = 0.80)、5年累积局部复发率分别为6%和13%(P = 0.006)
Unaligned Lethal toxicity was less than 1%, with grade 3 to 4 hematologic toxicity in 55 and 49% of patients in the two bolus arms, respectively (i.e., arms 1 and 3) versus 4% of patients in the continuous-infusion arm