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Table 1 Indications and Contraindications for rt-PA intravenous thrombolysis within 3 h

From: Using predictive process monitoring to assist thrombolytic therapy decision-making for ischemic stroke patients

Type No. Eligibility Recommendations
Indications 1 Symptoms of neurological impairment caused by ischemic stroke
2 Within 3 h of ischemic stroke symptom from onset or patient last known well or at baseline state.
3 Patients older than 18 years
4 Informed consent signed by patient or family member
Contraindications 1 Intracranial hemorrhage
2 With history of intracranial hemorrhage
3 Stroke or severe head injury within 3 months
4 Intracranial neoplasms or giant intracranial aneurysms
5 Intracranial or intraspinal surgery within 3 months
6 Received large surgery within 2 weeks
7 Gastrointestinal bleed or urinary system hemorrhage within 3 weeks
8 Associated with active visceral hemorrhage
9 Associated with aortic arch dissection
10 Arterial punctures with difficult to hemostasis in the past week
11 Blood pressure > 180/100 mmHg
12 Platelet count < 100* 109/L
13 Treatment with low-molecular-weight heparin within 24 h
14 international normalized ratio (INR) > 1.7 or Prothrombin time (PT) > 15 s
15 Treatment with thrombin inhibitors or factor Xa inhibitors within 48 h, or abnormal laboratory examinations
16 Blood glucose < 2.8 mmol/L or blood glucose > 22.22 mmol/L
17 Large area of head infarction