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Table 4 Sub-themes and example quotes relating to the theme ‘Suggestions for improvement’

From: Evaluating users’ experiences of electronic prescribing systems in relation to patient safety: a mixed methods study

Sub-themeExample quote
Customization for individual prescribers“[It would be helpful if] a prescriber can custom their prescribing screen according to the needs like how we do for our Outlook email […] add different folders, basically, arranging and organising information [to] make life easier.”(Foundation Year 2 doctor)
Incorporation of linking to relevant guidelinesI think the trust [organisation] guidelines and policy should be more integrated to this system as I need to minimise this section and go and open a new internet page, search for it and restart again, it is slow, it is a waste of time.”(Pharmacist)
Pop-up alerts“[…] if we do the dose, you get this window, again the option is override, but maybe an option here, if this patient’s allergic to penicillin, would be to view alternatives.”(Pharmacist)
Use of colour“I think the allergy notification at the top left corner could be improved […] it’s not as visual. If it was in a different font or colour, I think it brings the prescriber’s attention […] something you need to think of.”(Registrar)
Facilitating greater patient interaction“For me the biggest disadvantage is that you can easily disengage with the patient very quickly because you could do everything on your desk as a pharmacist. Your ordering, everything can be done just from your desk.”(Pharmacist)