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Table 3 Sub-themes and example quotes relating to the theme ‘Usefulness of Electronic Prescribing systems’

From: Evaluating users’ experiences of electronic prescribing systems in relation to patient safety: a mixed methods study

Sub-themeExample quote
Accessibility“You’ve got access 24/7 wherever you are within the trust [organisation] premises, and you can work remotely, which is an advantage if you, your role entails you e.g. going cross site.”(Foundation Year 2 doctor)
Safety“It gives reassurance to the user that what you’re doing is right and the pop alerts make you aware.”(Foundation Year 1 doctor)
Standardisation“It helps, because it standardises the process for a lot of the prescribing that we do. It certainly helps for the drugs that I prescribe that have got complex regimes where they have got additional pre-medication or concomitant medication.”(Pharmacist)
Keeping a record of relevant information to avoid transcribing“Say, for example, the pharmacists have already added the list of medications that patient is already on from the drug history. So, then you just have to click to re-prescribe it, so you don’t have to do it manually every time over and over again. So, I think it is useful to have and it makes your job easier in a way.”(Registrar)