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Table 2 Sub-themes and example quotes relating to the theme ‘Electronic Prescribing design features’

From: Evaluating users’ experiences of electronic prescribing systems in relation to patient safety: a mixed methods study

Sub-themeExample quote
Pop-up alerts“I find, I think they [pop-up alerts], any on screen alert, you’re in danger of getting alert fatigue and you, people tend to close them down and want to move on and not read the detail. So, it’s quite difficult to make them catching.” (Pharmacist)
Process“I think the fact that you have to fill out so many separate fields is challenging, particularly around stop and review dates.” (Registrar)
Screen layout & design“I think it’s too busy just a general feedback, when I’m prescribing. So, you get used to your own places to go out of habit, so I’m ignoring everything else basically.” (Foundation Year 1 doctor)
Visibility of allergy section“I don’t think this [allergy section] is succinct enough in its, I think this should be saying more clearly, this patient is allergic to the drug you’re prescribing, that’s not immediately obvious to me, you have to read a lot to work that out for yourself.” (Pharmacist)