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Table 5 Examples of top-10 annotated acupoints in corresponding meridians

From: Constructing fine-grained entity recognition corpora based on clinical records of traditional Chinese medicine

MeridiansAnnotated acupoints and number of occurrencesExamples
Lung meridian (LU)鱼际 (LU10; 3), 云门 (LU2; 3)“右云门痛” (pain in right LU2)
Large intestine meridian (LI)肩髃 (LI15; 14), 曲池 (LI11; 9), 合谷 (LI4; 8), 臂臑 (LI14; 7), 手三里 (LI10; 5), 巨骨 (LI16; 4), 肘髎 (LI12) (1)“左肩髃痛消失” (Left LI15 pain disappears)
Stomach meridian (ST)解溪 (ST41; 5), 髀关 (ST31; 4), 气冲 (ST30; 2), 梁丘 (ST34; 2), 下关 (ST7; 2), 内庭 (ST44; 1), 足三里 (ST36; 1), 丰隆 (ST40; 1), 人迎 (ST9; 1)“左膝, 解溪, 坐起时痛甚” (pain in ST41 in the left knee was aggravated when sitting up)
Spleen meridian (SP)血海 (SP10; 1), 三阴交 (SP6; 1), 大横 (SP15; 1), 腹结 (SP14; 1)“下肢麻痹, 左, 血海以下, 膝痛” (paralysis of left lower extremities, below the SP10, gonyalgia)
Heart meridian (HT)少海 (HT3; 12)“左锁骨头痛, 右少海痛” (pain in left collarbone and right HT3)
Small intestine meridian (SI)天宗 (SI11; 10), 秉风 (SI12; 5), 曲垣 (SI13; 2), 肩贞 (SI9; 1), 秉风穴 (SI12; 1), 天容 (SI17; 1)“右天宗痛, 右前臂蚁行感” (right SI11 ache, a sense of ant movements in the right forearm)
Bladder meridian (BL)委中 (BL40; 11), 承扶 (BL36; 11), 白环俞 (BL30; 10), 大肠俞 (BL; 9), 承山 (BL57; 7), 秩边 (BL54; 3), 昆仑 (BL60; 2), 通天 (BL7; 2), 申脉 (BL62; 1),“右委中承山旁痛, 静脉阻塞” (ache in right BL40 and BL57 aside, vein occlusion)
Kidney meridian (KI)涌泉 (KI1; 2), 太溪 (KI3; 2), 然谷 (KI2; 1)“脚底热感, 涌泉” (a hot sensation in the sole of the foot, KI1)
Pericardium meridian (PC)大陵 (PC7; 1)“痛点, 左阳池, 左少海, 右大陵” (ache point, in left SJ4, HT3 and right PC7)
Triple energizer meridian (TE)阳池 (TE4; 8), 耳门 (TE21; 2), 肩髎(TE14; 2)手关节痛, 阳池处, 怕冷 (hand joints ache, in the position of TE4, sensitive to cold)
Gallbladder Meridian (GB)风池 (GB20; 66), 肩井 (GB21; 40), 环跳 (GB30; 27), 居髎 (GB29; 10), 阳陵泉 (GB34; 5), 侠溪 (GB40; 1), 维道 (GB28; 1)“现痛点, 风池下面” (at present, the ache point is in the GB20 below)
Liver meridian (LR)急脉 (LR12; 2), 太冲 (LR3; 2)“便秘, 右急脉处痛” (constipation, pain in right LR12)
Extra point (EX)太阳穴 (EX-HN5; 51), 太阳 (EX-HN5; 6), 外膝眼 (EX-LE5; 4), 夹脊 (EX-B2; 3), 膝眼 (EX-B6; 2), 鹤顶 (EX-LE2; 1), 颈百劳 (EX-UX8; 1), 腰眼 (EX-B6; 1)“头痛, 太阳穴” (headache, in the EX-HN5)
Governor vessel (GV)大椎 (GV14; 30), 腰阳关 (GV3; 8), 长强 (GV1; 1), 风府 (GV16; 1), 前顶 (GV21; 1)“项背强痛, 右大椎曲垣甚” (stiff pain in the nape and back, especially in the right GV14 and SI13)
Conception vessel
中脘 (CV12; 1), 曲骨 (CV2; 1)中脘肋胁痛, 吐白粘痰” (pain in the CV12 and costal region, spitting white and sticky phlegm)