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Table 1 Studies on the construction of Chinese clinical text corpora in the last five years

From: Constructing fine-grained entity recognition corpora based on clinical records of traditional Chinese medicine

YearAuthorScale and targetEntitiesFine-grainedTCM clinical texts
2014Xu et al. [9]336 Chinese discharge summaries of 71,355 wordsMedication, anatomy, medical problems, treatments, and testsNN
2014Lei et al. [5]400 admission notes and 400 discharge summariesClinical problems, procedures, laboratory tests, and medicationsNN
2014Wang et al. [21]11,613 clinical recordsSymptomsNY
2014Wang et al. [22]115 EMRs115 documents on tumor-related information from the notes of hepatic carcinoma operationsNN
2014Gao et al. [23]42 health records of strokeBody structures and clinical descriptionNY
2015Li et al. [24]700 initial diagnosis records, congestive heart failure data of 253 cases.TCM herbs and symptomsNY
2015Xu et al. [25]24,817 anonymized Chinese EMRsSymptoms, clinical tests, diseases, drugs, body parts, and procedure categoriesNY
2016Zhang et al. [26]2000 notes (1000 admission notes and 1000 discharge summaries)Diseases and syndromes, symptoms and signs, treatments and drugs, and laboratory testsNN
2016Wan et al. [27]More than 100,000 TCM article abstractsHerbs, syndromes, diseases, and formulasNY
2016Liu et al. [13]1778 clinical notes of 281 hospitalized patientsTemporal expression and normalization in Chinese clinical notes (type, value, and modifier)NN
2017Ruan et al. [28]1000 EMRsSymptoms, departments, diseases, medicines, and examinationsNY
2017He et al. [10]500 discharge summaries and 492 progress notesDiseases, symptoms, and treatmentsNN
2018Zhang et al. [29]400 documentsSymptoms, tests, diagnoses, treatments, and body partsNN
2018Miao et al. [30]540 reportsBreast Imaging Reporting and Data SystemNN
2018Bao et al. [31]600 documentsHistory of present illnesses, personal history, and family historyNN
2019Wang et al. [32]1596 annotated instances (10,024 sentences)Diseases, symptoms, exams, treatments, and body partsNN
2019Gao et al. [11]255 authentic admission recordsMedical discovery, body parts, temporal words, diseases, medications, treatments, inspections, laboratory tests, and measurementsNN
2019Cai et al. [12]1000 admission recordsAnatomical parts, symptom descriptions, independent symptoms, drugs, and operationsNN
2019Xiong et al. [33]1000 admission notes and 800 discharge summariesBody parts, diseases, symptoms, tests, and treatmentsYN