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Table 5 Main issues raised by PCa panel members

From: Men’s view on participation in decisions about prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening: patient and public involvement in development of a survey

PCa panel member suggestionsCommentConsequence
Survey structureFeedback from user panel regarding optimized position of itemThe user panel members recommended to move the question about whether the respondent could identify with the patient in the case vignetteItem rearrangement
Survey contentsNecessity of further introductionPanel members reiterated the wish for PPIs for introductory explanation. For example “Now we ask you some questions regarding your personalityFurther information inserted
Need for clarificationEmphasize that the doctor described in the case vignette is the fictional patient’s general practitionerClarification of vignette contents
Omission of superfluous vignette informationFor example omission of “repeated prostate biopsies verifies” from PCa scenarioCase vignette text reduction
Change of wordingE.g. ‘tell others about experience’ instead of ‘badmouthing’Rewording item
Replacement of technical termsFor example replacement of ‘screen’ with ‘test all’Rewording item
Eradicate a ‘don’t know’ categoryDeletion from socio-demography baseline information questionItem adjustment