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Table 3 Main issues raised by PPI representatives

From: Men’s view on participation in decisions about prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening: patient and public involvement in development of a survey

PPI representative suggestionsCommentConsequence
Survey structureCase vignette should be the very first part of the survey followed by questionnaire itemsThe rationale was that respondents may expect that the survey quickly gets to the subject matter and PPI representatives argued that the vignette was the central part of the surveyCase vignette moved to the first section of survey
Alter the succession of questions following the scenarioFor example grouping of vignette related items immediately following the vignetteChanged succession of items
Survey contentsGeneral need for brevity of text and items whenever possiblePPI representatives maintained preference for minimum writingSeveral adjustments with removal of unneeded text
Need for a brief but comprehensible introduction to the hypothetical scenarioPPI representatives maintained importance of guidance throughout parts of surveyInsertion of brief prologues
‘Reverse’ wording of questionsBy way of example, PPI representatives suggested replacing ‘I would not use that doctor again’ with ‘I would use that doctor again’ because the original question may ‘push’ responders towards negative ratingsRephrasing of items