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Table 2 Group composition in large group of PPI representatives (N = 30)

From: Men’s view on participation in decisions about prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening: patient and public involvement in development of a survey

 NumberMedian (range)
Age in years27a54 (24–71)
Marital status
 Married / registered partnership2273
 Living with a partner27
 Partner, not living together27
 No partner413
Highest education completed
 Primary school620
 High school exam27
 Educated blue collar worker827
 Short-term higher education (<  3 year)310
 Middle-term higher education (≤  4 years)413
 Longer-term higher education (>  4 years)723
Affiliation with labor market
 Not employed827
On sick leave
 PPI representative had had cancer himself last 5 yearsb27
  1. a n = 27 as age not obtained in three men
  2. b One had had PCa