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Table 2 The mean score of communication service requirements and the HIS evaluation results

From: Technical requirements framework of hospital information systems: design and evaluation

Mean ScoreYesNo
1Electronically transferring data among different hospital departments3.7814 (87.5)2 (12.5)
2Exchanging data with other software systems3.7312 (75)4 (25)
3Transferring data among different software versions3.7112 (75)4 (25)
4Using standard protocols approved by the country’s competent authorities to exchange patient records and financial information3.68 (50)8 (50)
5Simultaneous review of a file by multiple users3.515 (93.8)1 (6.2)
6Having access to the data of other components from other locations based on the access level3.516 (100)
7Recording and modifying orders in different parts of the hospital and accessing these stations based on security and level of access3.3414 (87.5)2 (12.5)
8Calling the required developed services3.282 (12.5)14 (87.5)
9Supporting communication with software through fax, WORD, spreadsheet, e-mail and the Internet3.266 (37.5)10 (62.5)
10Consulting and communicating with physicians and specialists outside the hospital (audio-visual communication)3.183 (18.8)13 (81.2)
Total3.49 ± 0.38102 (63.8)58 (36.2)