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Table 5 Subsequent Outcomes

From: Assessing patient safety in a pediatric telemedicine setting: a multi-methods study

Telemedicine Physician’s Primary Decision Subsequent Outcomesa
The patient was not referred to the ED Visited a physician within the next 2 daysDid not visit a physician within the next 2 daysVisited the ED despite having no referral
231b [~ 71.5%]122 [~ 37.7%]
Not referred to the ED
104 [~ 32.2%]4 [~ 1.2%]
1 [~ 0.3%]
Referred to ED by the face-to-face physician (and released)
The patient was referred to the ED Visited the ED and was dischargedVisited the ED and was admittedDid not visit the ED despite a referral
29 [8.9%]
but visited a physician in the communityand did not visit physician in the community
92 [~ 28.4%]51 [~ 15.7%]12 [~ 3.7%]14 [~ 4.3%]15 [~ 4.6%]
Total323 [100%] 
  1. a Parents’ compliance with the instructions provided by the online physician and follow-up face-to-face medical consultations in the community
  2. b In most consultations (231/323 = ~ 71.5%), the online physician provided the parents with comprehensive explanations and instructions and did not refer the child to the ED.