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Table 3 Decision Reasonableness and ED Referral

From: Assessing patient safety in a pediatric telemedicine setting: a multi-methods study

Reasonable Decision * ED referral Cross tabulation
 ED referralTotal
Reasonable Decision
  Count87 [TP]225 [TN]312
  % within Reasonable Decision27.9%72.1%100.0%
  % within ED referral90.6%92.6%92.0%
  Count9 [FP]18 [FN]27
  % within Reasonable Decision33.3%66.7%100.0%
  % within ED referral9.4%7.4%8.0%
  % within Reasonable Decision28.3%71.7%100.0%
  % within ED referral100.0%100.0%100.0%