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Table 2 Failed accreditation outcomes where monitoring mechanism was cited as a cause of failure

From: The contribution of electronic health records to risk management through accreditation of residential aged care homes in Australia

Failed outcomeStatement that cited monitoring mechanism failure
1.6 Human Resource ManagementDid not have effective monitoring systems in place to identify deficits in staff skills and practices.
2.7 Medication ManagementFailure to ensure safe and secure medication management
2.8 Pain Management.Monitoring mechanisms not effective in ensuring residents’ pain management needs
2.13 Behavioural ManagementProblems in the identification and reporting of episodes of challenging behaviours
3.6 Privacy and DignityLacked an effective system to monitor the maintenance of this area.
2.10 Nutrition and HydrationLacked consistent monitoring of residents’ weights as required by the care plan.
2.5 Specialised NursingRegistered nurses did not monitor residents’ specialised nursing care needs, causing a failure in information systems to identify the change in a resident’s health status.