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Table 4 Perceived benefits from specialist physicians’ use of HIE for laboratory medicine

From: Advancing laboratory medicine in hospitals through health information exchange: a survey of specialist physicians in Canada

Benefits of HIE use for laboratory medicineaMean (s.d.)
Benefits of LRV consultation (n = 524)
 • It is quicker for me to access the viewer to consult patients’ previous lab test results than wait to receive their paper medical record4.2 (1.1)
 • My patients’ lab test results are easier to consult in the viewer than in the paper medical record4.1 (0.9)
 • The viewer provides most of the lab test results that I need to care for patients referred to me4.0 (1.1)
 • As compared with the paper medical record, the follow-up of admitted patients’ lab test results when changing the patient surveillance team is made easier with the viewer3.8 (1.2)
 • As most of my patients reside in the region, I have little use for the QHRb because the viewer provides me with most of the lab test results that I need2.7 (1.4)
 • The viewer is very useful in allowing me to access test results produced by the public laboratories in my region2.6 (1.6)
Benefits of iEHR consultation (n = 451)
Accessing the laboratory test results provided by the QHR
 • improves the continuity of my patients’ care4.2 (0.8)
 • provides me with results that I cannot obtain from my usual information sources (e.g. lab results viewer)4.1 (0.8)
 • allows me to make better clinical decisions4.0 (0.8)
 • improves the way in which I evaluate patients3.8 (0.9)
 • has reduced the duplication of the lab tests prescribed to my patients3.8 (1.0)
 • prevents me from missing an important result;3.7 (1.0)
 • increases the safety of my patients’ care;3.7 (0.9)
 • allows me to intervene more rapidly and effectively with my patients;3.6 (0.9)
 • provides me with an overall view of my patients’ lab results (patients’ test history)3.6 (1.0)
 • allows me to ask for more advanced lab analyses whose results may be useful to other clinicians3.6 (1.0)
 • provides support to my clinical research or my performance measurement activities1.6 (1.0)
  1. aAs perceived by the specialist physicians on Likert scales of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree)
  2. bQuebec Health Record