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Table 3 HIE consultation capabilities for laboratory medicine used by specialist physicians

From: Advancing laboratory medicine in hospitals through health information exchange: a survey of specialist physicians in Canada

HIE capability for laboratory medicineAvailability of HIE capability (% of systems)Use of HIE capability (% of SPs)
LRV consultation capabilities for laboratory medicine (n = 524)
The laboratory results viewer allows me to …
 • access all laboratory test results of a patient, whether I prescribed such tests or not;92.9%91.8%
 • only access those patients’ test results that are produced by my hospital’s laboratory;95.0%87.6%
 • generate tables and graphs for the display and analysis of lab test results;82.5%79.4%
 • apply search criteria in order to find the lab test results that meet my needs;79.6%78.7%
 • access patients’ test results that are produced by the laboratories in my region;88.5%38.8%
 • electronically request a laboratory analysis and print identifying labels for the samples.55.3%48.3%
iEHR consultation capabilities for laboratory medicine (n = 451)
I consult the laboratory results provided by the QHRa when …
 • the patient has been seen by a physician in another health establishment in Quebec100%98.9%
 • the patient is unable to reliably report to me his or her recent laboratory test results or his or her present state of health;100%98.4%
 • the patient’s laboratory test results that I require are not found in my usual information sources (clinical information system – CIS, paper reports, etc.);100%98.2%
 • the patient has no medical record in the hospital;100%95.8%
 • doing an outpatient clinical consultation;100%93.8%
 • I do not know the patient;100%80.0%
 • I am consulted for a patient under observation in the emergency room;100%78.3%
 • I am consulted for an admitted patient at the hospitalization unit;100%76.0%
 • I am consulted in relation to a surgical intervention, a treatment or a diagnostic exam (e.g. in the operating room, in oncology);100%63.9%
 • a physician beckons my expertise and I must take note of the clinical case remotely.100%60.3%
  1. aQuebec Health Record