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Table 1 FHIR PIT plugin names and functionalities

From: FHIR PIT: an open software application for spatiotemporal integration of clinical data and environmental exposures data

Plugin nameFunctionality
FHIRConsolidates different FHIR resources for each patient and extracts geocodes
ToVectorExtracts features from FHIR
EnvDataPreprocesses environmental data source
CSVTableConverts to ICEES integrated feature table
ACSPreprocesses US Census Bureau ACS data source
ACS2Preprocesses US Census Bureau ACS data source, v2; this includes a “ur” field for “urban or rural” residence
NearestRoadPreprocesses nearest road data source for US Census Bureau TIGER data source
NearestRoad2Preprocesses nearest road data source for US DOT FHWA HPMS data source
NOOPNo operation