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Table 5 Exploratory factor analysis

From: Users’ acceptance of electronic patient portals in Lebanon

ItemsLoadingsCronbach’s α
Behavioral Intention of Use .815
 View my medical record [Q1].751 
 Book and reschedule an appointment [Q2].807 
 Refill medication [Q3].812 
Perceived Ease of Use .985
 Using EPP will be easy for me to understand [Q4].928 
 It will be easy for me to post information on EPP [Q5].940 
 I will find it easy to communicate with my primary care physicians using EPP [Q6].941 
 I will find the information posted by primary care physicians on EPP easy to follow [Q7].921 
Perceived Usefulness .816
 Using EPP will give me greater control over my diabetes/high blood pressure [Q9].809 
 Using EPP will save me time [Q10].507 
 Using EPP will make it easier for me to have a healthier life [Q11].804 
 Using EPP will support me during a critical time of my disease [Q12].668