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Table 4 Providers’ acceptance of EPP based on TAM constructs and probing items

From: Users’ acceptance of electronic patient portals in Lebanon

Behavioral Intention of Use
 I intend to encourage patients to use the appointment booking and medication refill service.1376.5  
 I intend to encourage my patients to daily record their weight, daily blood pressure and daily blood glucose.1270.6  
 I will post patient education to assist them self-manage their disease.1482.4  
Perceived Ease of Use
 It will be easy for me to post information on EPP.  3.50.6
 I will find it easy to communicate with patients using EPP.  3.20.9
Perceived Usefulness
 Using EPP will give me greater control over my patient’s chronic disease.  4.00.6
 Using EPP will save me time.  3.31.1
 Using EPP will make it easier for me to interact with patients.  3.60.9
 Using EPP will support my patients during a critical time of their disease.  3.50.8
Social Influence
 If my colleagues are using EPP and find it worth it, I would use it too.1270.59  
Privacy Concern
 I would be concerned about the information privacy of my patients.  3.61.1