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Table 1 Patients’ demographics, comorbidity and use of technology in daily life

From: Users’ acceptance of electronic patient portals in Lebanon

CharacteristicN (199)%MSDRange
Age  65.113.825–92
 Less than High School6432.16   
 High School7336.68   
 College degree3316.58   
 University degree2914.58   
Native Language
 More than 26030.15   
Use of electronic technology in daily life*
 Mobile web-based portals5628.14   
 App-based portals8341.71   
 Social media7336.68   
 Other e-services (i.e. online banking)94.52   
 None of the above7135.68   
  1. Note. *: frequencies and percentages do not add to 199 and 100 respectively as patients chose more than one option