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Table 5 SUS score of the studied applications

From: Investigating usability of mobile health applications in Bangladesh

ClusterApp nameAverage SUS ScoreRemarks
General Health Informative AppsPatient Aid65.7High-marginal
Physician InformationDIMS73.2Acceptable
Institutional AppsHospital Finder52.8Low-marginal
Fitness AppsBangla Gym Guide70.5Acceptable
Mother & ChildAponjon Pregnancy79.2Acceptable
Disease Specific Care Appsএলার্জরি সহজ চিচিৎসা <Easy Treatment for Allergy>69.3High-marginal
Herbologyভেষজ চিচিৎসা <Herbal Treatment>68.3High-marginal
Food & NutritionFruits Benefit in Bangla71.7Acceptable
HomeopathicHomeopathic Bangla book65.4High-marginal