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Table 2 Demographic characteristics of the participants

From: Usage of cloud storage facilities by medical students in a low-middle income country, Sri Lanka: a cross sectional study

CharacteristicsAware of cloud storage
(N = 140)
Number (56.5%)
Not aware of cloud storage (N = 108)
Number (43.5%)
P value
 Males54 (71.1%)22 (28.9%)0.003*
 Females86 (50.0%)86 (50.0%) 
Academic year
 First year34 (72.3%)13 (27.7%)0.003
 Second year32 (61.5%)20 (38.5%) 
 Third year26 (53.1%)23 (46.9%) 
 Fourth year30 (53.6%)26 (46.4%) 
 Final year (fifth year)18 (40.9%)26 (59.1%) 
When did the students get to know
 Before entering to the Faculty63 (45.0%)  
 After entering to the faculty and learnt during the IT practical sessions25 (17.6%)  
 After entering to the faculty but not learn from the IT practical sessions47 (33.6%)  
 Not-answered5 (3.6%)  
  1. *Pearson’s Chi squared test; Linear logistic/Generalized linear model