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Table 3 Summary of the review - Descriptions and key focus areas of ecosystem actors

From: The design and development of technology platforms in a developing country healthcare context from an ecosystem perspective

LevelDescription of levelLevel specific focus criteria (from literature reviews)Key references
Platform ownerThe owner and designer of the platform. The firm manages the platform and its boundary resources. Typically responsible for the governance of the ecosystem.Platform design, platform and ecosystem management, value creation, platform architecture, evolution, competition, openness, control, entry barriers, governance[16, 18, 49,50,51,52,53]
DeveloperThe developers of the software products, services or technologies (applications) using the platform. They can be within the platform owner firm (internal platform) or third-party companies (external platform).Boundary resources and usability, accessibility, entry barriers, ability to innovate[51, 54,55,56,57]
End userThe end users of the products, services or technologies (applications) developed using the platform.Usability, accessibility, cost[56, 58, 59]
EcosystemThe platform ecosystem comprises the platform owner (including the platform), developers and end-users. It is formed around the central platform.Health, value co-creation, governance, evolution, control, entry barriers[16, 24, 60,61,62]