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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of the patient cohort

From: Tracking physical activity using smart phone apps: assessing the ability of a current app and systematically collecting patient recommendations for future development

Baseline CharacteristicsOf 274 participants with sufficient App dataOf the 54 participants who completed the TDF survey
Age (M, SD)44.0 years, SD = 11.1442 years, SD = 9.7
 Female161, 67.3% retention39
 Male113, 44.4% retention15
 White British44.5%46.2%
 White Other14.2%12.9%
 Other Asian1.5%1.8%
 Any Other12.0%12.9%
Preoperative BMI Mean (SD)46.5 BMI SD = 8.649.4BMI, SD = 9.5
Preoperative BMI Range
  < 35 kg/m28.0%7.5%
 35-40 kg/m215.3%13.4%
 40-50 kg/m246.4%43.2%
  > 50 kg/m226.3%34.5%
Type of Surgery
 Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass38.3%34.7%
 Sleeve Gastrectomy23.0%25.7%
 Gastric Band5.8%4.5%
Pre-Surgery Functional Status
Requires Walking Aid11.0%11.3%
 Can manage 1 or 2 flights of stairs43.6%46.5%
 Can manage 3 flights of stairs23.4%22.3%
 No limitation22.0%19.6%