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Table 3 Comparison among data sharing methods in the healthcare environment, taking into consideration the adopted methodology, aim, could accessibility, access control, and encryption technique

From: ReportFlow: an application for EEG visualization and reporting using cloud platform

First author Method Setting Cloud accessibility Access control Encryption technique
Bertuccio ReportFlow EEGs data sharing for medical reporting Public RBAC CP-ABE
Pugazhenthi ID HKE Securing and sharing of health data Public Not indicated SE-KAC
Ahmed CONNECT and ad hoc protocol EHRs data sharing Public DAC Not indicated
Basu Fusion EHRs data sharing and managing Public and private Not indicated Symmetric
Marwan Shamir’s secret share scheme Securing health data Public and private Shamir’s secret share scheme Shamir’s secret share scheme
Sneha K-Anonymity Securing and sharing of EHRs Public Not indicated Re-encryption
Hwang Data securing Public Not indicated Knapsack public-key cryptosystem
Wei EFADS Data sharing for outsourcing data Not indicated Not indicated Proxy re-encryption
Chu Securing and sharing of scalable data Public and private Shamir’s secret share scheme Key-aggregate encryption
Rezaeibagha Securing and sharing of EHRs Public and private RBAC Cryptographic building blocks for secret sharing
Thilakanathan Ad hoc Java application Securing and sharing of ECG data Public Not indicated Public-key cryptography system
Tran Securing and sharing of cloud-based social networks data Public Personal secret key to encrypt and decrypt data Proxy re-encryption
  1. RBAC role-based access control, DAC discretionary access control, SE-KAC scalable and enhanced key-aggregate cryptosystem, CP-ABE Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption