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Table 1 Summary of some of the related works evaluating various dimensions of data quality

From: Evaluating performance of health care facilities at meeting HIV-indicator reporting requirements in Kenya: an application of K-means clustering algorithm

Studies Dimensions evaluated
Facility reporting completeness Indicator data completeness Timeliness Internal consistency External
Bhattacharya et al. [10] X X X X X Extracted priority maternal and neonatal health indicators
Data gathered from July 2016 to June 2017
Githinji et al. [11] X X Extracted malaria indicator data
Data gathered from 2011–2015
Adokiya et al. [12] X X Extracted disease surveillance and response reports
Data gathered from 2012 and 2013
Nisingizwe et al. [14] X X X Extracted health management information systems data for selected indicators
Data gathered from 2008–2012
Kiberu et al. [13] X X   Extracted inpatient and outpatient data
Data gathered from 2011/12 and after 2012/13