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Table 3 MDA values of top-20 features

From: CNFE-SE: a novel approach combining complex network-based feature engineering and stacked ensemble to predict the success of intrauterine insemination and ranking the features

Feature Mean decrease in accuracy (MDA)
Post wash total motile sperm count 5.8
Female BMI 5.2
Sperm motility (grade a + b) 5
Total sperm motility 4.9
Sperm motility (grade c) 4.7
Total sperm count 4.5
After processing sperm concentration 4.3
Before processing sperm concentration 3.9
Sperm motility (grade d) 3.7
Male age 3.6
Semen volume 3.4
Duration of infertility 3.3
Total dose of gonadotropin 2.9
Female age 2.7
Duration of marriage 2.5
Sperm morphology (Amorph) 2.5
After processing progression 2.4
Before processing motility 2.3
Sperm normal morphology 2.2
Endometrial thickness 2.1